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lee chanhee the cutest thing on this earth

Pre-debut Lay, July 2005

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hello, stranger.

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140416 Zelos reaction to Daehyun saying “shit” 

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Yongguk smiling at a young fan
Yongguk smiling at a young fan

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the story of a man and his unlikely friend

He’s probably from Florida

Florida Man Befriends Trespassing But Friendly Orange

happy 25th birthday to b.a.p's flawless prince, kim himchan! ♡ 

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pro tip: if you’re ever arrested, use your one call to call the police station and pretend to be the police chief then tell the police officer to release you from jail immediately

Anonymous: I'm going to unfollow you because you're only posting about the tragedy with the ferry. we all know that nobody actually cares about what is currently happening in korea. nobody here on tumblr and I'm so pissed because everyone is like ''I need to pretend that I care about this'' but we all know it's not like this. I'm also pissed because EVERYTHING IS CANCELLED. BTS IS MY FAVORITE GROUP AND THEY AREN'T EVEN UPDATING ANYMORE.


Bye bye~ I don’t need ignorant followers.

I am posting about the tragedy in Korea because I want my followers to see what is happening in Korea, to see the loyalty of one country in situations like this, to make them pray for the families and the victims, to honor the ones who gave up their life for the others.

Yes, anon you’re right.
A lot of people really doesn’t care about this and that’s actually sad. But most of what you see here on tumblr isn’t acted. 

And don’t tell me ”Korea makes a big deal of something like this” and ”the world doesn’t stop turning”.
THIS is the cultural difference between Korean fans and international fans.
A lot of International fans doesn’t know how it is when a whole country cries because of a tragedy that is happening there. most of this fans live in a country where everything continues when something like this happens. They aren’t used to this. 
They think ”Why do the Koreans care about this that much?”
That’s called ”respect”
But Korean fans aren’t complaining…They collect money and buy hot packs, hot drinks and food for the people who are waiting for their loved ones.  

Parents are crying because their child might suffer right now or in the worst case they are dead.
Some of the students might be fans of the Idol groups. How can they continue promoting knowing one of their fans might be one of the students/victims that are still missing?
Do you even know the pain of loosing a family member, a friend or someone you looked up to?
If yes, then you should show a bit respect to this families.

It was the right thing to cancel the music shows and the schedules of the Idols.
Some countries and people should really take Korea as an example for respect.